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Traditional education vs online education – What is good for a student?

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A few years ago, a school or college meant finding students outside the classroom waiting for the classes to begin or to see students sitting and learning from a teacher. This has changed with the emerging technology making way for online courses, video learnings etc. Today technology has changed, and there has come a scarcity in a number of students taking traditional forms of education.

The popularity of online education is changing the way students learn and prepare for their courses. Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this change, but the debate of finding the best between the two continues. Here is us comparing traditional education vs online education to bring about relatable knowledge!


While traditional education requires one to be on schedule for their classes, the online school provides flexibility. The option to watch the online classes any time of the day gives the student ease to follow their schedule while preparing for the course. Of course, the discipline and daily routine of a student to stay put with a plan is hampered, but online education works for the working students the best.


Traditional education is more expensive as compared to the online learning. A comparative study through various courses of colleges and Universities has found that online education costs less than half of the traditional education expenses. Besides the cost to maintain the travel, stationery etc. is also reduced significantly when one undertakes online education by using Valid coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes – hotozcoupons.

While traditional education is expensive, it does have some benefits associated with it too. Right from getting to learn with a bunch of students appearing for the same course to taking in lessons from professors renowned for their subject – the experience and learning are immense. There are practical and provides a better understanding of the subject along with doubt clearing sessions which are sometimes missing in online education.

Teaching method

The online method of learning misses out on the practical aspect of it. The experience of holding practical classes, one-on-one experience and on the field, training is missing. Traditional education imparts a somewhat real experience with handheld functional, self-learning and other options rather than just knowing things theoretically. One might understand the techniques of practical classes through the online education mode, but the feeling of doing it by you is missing.


Traditional education involves a lot of time and effort as compared to online learning. Traditional education involves attending the classes for a fixed number of hours each day with a schedule to travel, reach the classes, interaction and more. The personal learning and practicing happen at home. But with online education, a student can learn at the comfort of their time, i.e. even in the midnight. This works well for the professionals or students who are working side-by-side, attending a college while preparing for the course.

Social life

We cannot ignore the social aspect of learning when comparing traditional education vs online education. Traditional education involves meeting several other students, professors and people in a school or college and interacting with them on a daily basis. There is a system of one-on-one interaction, practical learning and involvement which goes missing in an online set-up. Although the online education might provide for an undisturbed class session at the comfort of your own, it also cuts down on the social interactions, connections and updates from people who might help you prepare for the course better.


A student needs disciple, schedule and commitment to complete their course correctly. It is their undivided attention, concentration and dedication that take them forward. In a traditional education portal, there is more scope for monitoring the student while they are at it. The teachers, fellow student etc. help in keeping the person motivated to work hard. In an online education system, there is only self-motivation which when lost can hamper the studies big time.

Online connectivity

Traditional education vs online education – it’s a big technological jump. To be able to register for a course online and continue with the online education one needs to have a proper set-up of online connectivity with them. This requires at least a good laptop and a good internet connection. In a traditional education system, the need for the gadgets aren’t there, and thus it remains more comfortable for most of the people to take up traditional education.

Both traditional and online education system comes with its own set of advantages for the students. Outweigh the negatives and find the proper mode for your education to get valuable knowledge. A student should opt for a holistic education system which takes care of their all-round development.