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Tips on disagreeing with your manager

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Nobody is perfect! Not even your manager. There can be times when you don’t agree with your manager and have an urge to be vocal about it. There can be times when you simply can’t do so because he/she is your manager. So, the question looms large – is there a way to productively disagree with your manager without being defensive? Will it harm your career if you do so?

There are a few ways that you can constructively disagree with your manager:

Lay emphasis on mutual intent: Even if there is a disagreement, it is important to show that your goals and your manager’s goals are not different and they fundamentally aligned. When you can show this intent to your manager, then you can launch into reasons for appropriate dissent. This way you are less likely to evoke a negative reaction by them.

Make it right: Remind you, disagreeing with your boss publicly with an intent to humiliate them will surely cost you dearly. Never forget, your manager earned that position with experience and expertise. Even if you feel your manager has made a mistake, do not point it out publicly.

Back it up: Without any back up data to your case, you would only be arguing aimlessly with an intent to only disagree without a cause. Use data, back up your cause and intent and then make your case. This way you are less likely to evoke a negative reaction again and you will not get personal with your manager.

Let it go: If there are reasons beyond your control, then an argument will not end in your favour. Experience matters and you may not see the implications of certain things but your manager certainly can. So, back down from an argument at the right time to be the sensible person.

People working in finance sector, banking jobs or construction jobs have to handle projects often. This means that there is a great deal of dealing with the management involved. So, know, listen and understand when to speak up, how to speak up and when to stay away from speaking up against your manager.