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The cost of studying in the United States

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The two biggest expenses during the US study period are: tuition and living expenses

The tuition fees at state universities 美国大学排名, private universities, and colleges vary widely, but it does not mean that the better university tuition is. Tuition fees at state universities are usually lower than those at private schools such as “纽约大学, and tuition fees for the community, technical, and vocational schools are generally the lowest.

The cost of living in the United States depends on where you study. The cost of living in big cities, downtown, California, and some northeast regions is higher than in the south, Midwest, and other regions.

Tuition overview

The following is the average tuition fee for international students enrolled in the 2009/10 school year. Please contact the school for details.

Two-year community college $2,402 a year Four-year state college and university – Out-of-state students (including international students) $17,152 a year Four-year private colleges and universities $25,143 a year

Accommodation costs

Almost all universities and colleges can provide students with campus accommodation or provide residential or dormitory accommodation. These homes are equipped with basic furniture and shared or private rooms.

Some universities have apartment buildings on campus. It is generally given priority to graduate students, married or dependent students.

You can rent your house outside of school. Such a house may or may not be renovated. Most universities have housing registries and local classified ads are also an effective source of private housing. Homestay is also a popular choice for international students, especially for the first-time students who need to adapt to the American lifestyle need adjustments and adjustments.

Although the average level of accommodation does not represent the situation of all students, these two expenses are generally about 7,000 to 9,000 dollars per year.