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The Best Ways to Study Physics

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For some people, being good at physics comes naturally. But for the rest getting good marks in physics requires lots of practice and hard work. Physics is the science which deals with will physical aspects of the universe. Physics is one of the difficult subjects to learn, but one can score good marks in physics if they follow some simple rules to study this difficult subject.

Understand the basic concepts of physics: Before you start reading something new in physics, try to learn the basic concepts of it. Learning the basics of physics will help you to understand the advanced topics as most of the topics of physics are interrelated to each other. Knowing the basics will also speed up your present studies. Memorise the constant terms like: Gravity, speed of light, Avogadro’s number, etc.

Study the Derivations of Equations: Having your simple equations memorized is one thing, and understanding how these equations work is entirely another thing. Learn how to derive the equations because understanding the equation will help you to solve any type of questions asked in the examination.

Study Using Drawing: One should always draw a diagram before trying to solve the given question. Drawing a free body diagram of the given question will help you to break the question into parts and this will be much easier for you to solve the question in a step by step process. Topics like refraction of light, kinematics are easy to understand if we study these topics by drawing them.

Choose a Quiet Place to Study: Physics being a difficult subject requires one to study it in a quiet place. Because in physics there are tons of formula and constants. Thus, choosing a quiet place to study will help you focus on your studies.

Browse the internet: If you feel that you are not able to understand a certain topic of physics at school or at the coaching class, browse the internet and you will get lots of videos and study materials related to that topic. But before reading and watching those study materials and videos, do check out the comment section on that page to find out the reviews of other students. Going through the comment section will help you to know the quality of that video or the study material.

You may have an official textbook which was prescribed by your school, but there are plenty of other books available in the market as well as in the library. One book may offer a different look at the same topic, so ask your friends and teachers about the books they follow.

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