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About Denpasar, Bali

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Though it may not be as popular as the vibrant tourist’s compound of Kuta and Legian or the thrilling waves of the island’s south east coast among the tourists, Denpasar, the capital city of Bali retains its own charm as a place where modernity and Balinese different culture blend perfectly as a whole. The city also acts as a center which connects the several Tourists destinations within Bali Island. As the province of Bali, Denpasar is bristling with temples, palaces, and at the eastern part is the preferred lay back beach of Sanur. Although it is a center for government and business, the town doesn’t pack itself with traces of tall buildings or contemporary architectures.

Instead, many government offices, banks, business offices, shopping centers, and others assert the different personality of Balinese culture. Denpasar is by far the biggest town in Bali but manages to keep a small-town setting despite an intense traffic jam on its roads. The city is usually made up of closely-knit villages complete with historic Hindu temples surrounded by communal family compounds. It provides the easiest method to see real Balinese life. Denpasar also can Be Bali’s best place to shop and attributes of all from the vibrant streets to department stores and much more than its fair share of trendy boutiques.

Expect the lowest prices in Bali for almost everything, as most stores cater to locals. The capital city gives the best technique to learn more about the island complete insight across the Bali Provincial Museum or known as Bali Museum. As Bali’s flagship museum, it provides an informative introduction to almost all things in Bali via a wide variety of cultural and historical objects from across the island. The people put in four traditional pavilions put around a walled compound, right in the middle of town. Weaponry, utensils, precious jewelry, Balinese clothes, religious artifacts, traditional costumes and masks, and many artworks are among a number of the collections displayed in the museum.

Located in the eastern suburbs, Taman Werdhi Budaya is Bali’s main cultural center. It features a large exhibition room, art museum, concert hall and amphitheater and adjoining faculty for the performing arts. Visitors can watch the dance and music performances in 2 open-air amphitheaters. Dances will also be regularly staged to the public, like Works incorporating contemporary Balinese choreography. The exceptional performance of Kecak staged every day at 6: 30-7: 30 pm. Like any place in Bali, Denpasar is decorated with plenty of Hindu Temples. Among some of the renowned temples in Denpasar are the Pura Agung Jagatnatha, Pura Maospahit, and Puri Pemecutan.

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